” You Don’t have to Die from covid-19″ says frontline doctors


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  • Real doctors have treated real patients with close to 100% recovery with a $20 drug. Why are “they” pushing a $3,000 vaccine?
  • Is there science to back up the doctor’s claims?
  • Why are they taking their time to put this message out?
  • Who opposes this information?
  • Why is this video being banned by Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram within 24 hours?
    • Are they neutral platforms?
    • Do they have an agenda other than the truth being reported?
    • Do the content advisors have medical knowledge?
  • Why are these platforms following WHO guidelines rather than the science of American doctors?

Supporting Information

  • According to many doctors treating patients, the treatment must use the correct protocol or it won’t be synergistically effective. The studies opposing the use of the HCQ did not use the three-combo treatment, which include:
    • Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)
    • Zinc
    • Azithromycin or Zithromax
  • Rudy Guilliani interviews doctor in New Your treating patients with almost a 100% success rate (Full interview – 35 min. CLICK HERE) (Highlights – 15 Min. CLICK HERE)
  • PubMed Research Article. Small sampling. CLICK HERE.
  • The Science Times Article. CLICK HERE.
  • Are America’s Frontline Doctors being censored by SquareSpace? They registered their site on 7/16/2020 and is set to expire on 7/16/2021, but their site “Expired” on 7/28/2020 and is no longer available. (Heavy.com Article. CLICK HERE) Why are doctors who are saving lives and giving hope being censored?

Who Opposes this Information?

Is there a common “thread” connecting these individuals and organizations?

Follow the Money (Who Benefits)

My Thoughts & Commentary

  • If the goal is to save lives, then using an FDA approved generic drug for an off-label use seems logical. The drug has been in use for about 65-years. Countries who have used HCQ experienced death rates almost 99% lower than counties not using HCQ, according to Dr. Simone Gold. It’s early use could have save over 100,000 Americans. Website: America’s Frontline Doctors.

Commentary Links

  • Why are some news sources censoring news on HCQ, Zinc, Zithromiacin? Short, but it’ll make you think. CLICK HERE.

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